Ultimate Sewing Course



This course includes 10 FULL classes complete with YouTube video links showing you every single detailed step.  It’s designed for beginners but can help anyone improve their sewing skills.  It’s perfect for homeschooling families looking for convenient electives.

It also includes 10 PDF files for you to print off showing you supply lists and more.  It’s like having me right there beside you guiding you along!

You’ll learn how to insert zippers, how to make linings for your projects, how to make gussets, how to fix mistakes, and more!

In this course we’ll be making:

  1. A mini wallet
  2. Fabric storage bin
  3. Wristlet purse
  4. Coin purse
  5. Pillow case (with zipper)
  6. Make up bag
  7. Make up brush roll-up travel bag
  8. Skirt


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